Bonus! Arlan's chat with Mark Cuban

Arlan interviewed Mark on April 4, 2020. Approx 600 people watched live.

If you only have 5 mins for this lesson, watch from 17mins - 22mins for a HUGE key!


  • Arlan asks Mark how he’s experiencing the crisis as a billionaire: “Nobody escapes this. It’s not like I’m in this little bubble and I don’t care. It’s stressing me out. I haven’t been able to sleep.”
  • Mark tells us why now is a good time to start a business (hint: it’s not for the money)
  • Arlan asks Mark what advice he offers to people who were just laid off
  • What Arlan and Mark think are the best types of equity
  • We talk about the network effect of raising people up
  • Why Mark recommends entrepreneurs look to their own community needs first: “You don’t have to be the leader to be a leader.”
  • We discuss why it’s important to continuously learn (especially now)
  • Mark talks about working from home while being a parent of three kids
  • Mark answers your questions about what graduating college students should do, what the hiring process currently looks like, and whether entrepreneurs should re-enter the work force

Activities to Apply Your New Knowledge 

Ask yourself:

  • How can I help others?
  • What problems can I solve for others? 
  • What help do I need? 
  • Where can I get that help?
  • Can I bootstrap?
  • Why not you? 


  • Communicate, be honest and transparent about where you are and ask for help
  • For a good reputation, do the right thing
  • Your First MillionBuild relationships with investors now. You can do this via email. Calls are not needed.
  • Bootstrap as much as you can
  • Make decisions, even if you know don’t know everything, and learn as you go
  • Learn continuously
  • Negotiate everything
  • Hire slow and fire fast

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