Techish: UK perspective and book breakdown

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Section Take-aways

Arlan commissioned an audio review to give a preview of It’s About Damn Time from Abadesi and Michael of Techish Podcast

Abadesi and Michael review notes:

  • Arlan is authentic about her experience breaking and making it in venture capital as a black, Lesbian, woman founder and investor. Her story is inspiring and relatable because she breaks through societal expectations and opens the doors for others.
  • Arlan’s “be the money” message resonates. You have to dig into the knowledge you need to succeed. If you care about something, know the leaders are in the space, the competitors, everything. 
  • Be bold and put yourself out there. Arlan gives an example of this in her story about meeting Chris Sacca story.
  • Do not underestimate the power of your network. When you take the time to invest in people, you’re building up your own assets. Arlan spends time explaining why it’s important to be curious and add value to others and how to do it.
  • The playing field is uneven but nothing bars us from building relationships that can help you succeed. Arlan proves it in her book.

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