How Arlan got Mark Cuban's attention

Section Take-aways

This is a case study on how Arlan build a relationship with Mark Cuban and gained investment from him.

The story: 

  • Mark Cuban owns the Mavericks and is featured on Shark Tank. 
  • Arlan met Mark Cuban at SXSW 2019 at the Twitter House (who asked them to speak on stage together). 
  • They developed a relationship and Mark invested $1Million as a limited partner to Arlan’s ArlanWasHere Fund. 
  • Mark Cuban and Arlan Hamilton invested in Mahmee together. 
  • The ArlanWasHere Fund led Mahmee’s round. Mark saw something on Arlan that wanted to make him invest in her.

How Arlan got Mark’s attention? 

  • Reputation proceeded Arlan. 
  • She treated him fairly and kindly, knew her stuff and was prepared. 
  • When Mark approached Arlan for investment, Mark saw Arlan’s differentiated views, sensibility, relatability, and access to founders (e.g., women, LGBTQ) that other venture capitalists don’t have access to. 
  • Mark saw Arlan’s value and invested in her.

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